Knowing The Secrets Of World of warcraft Might Give you An Unfair Advantage

The land area of World of warcraft stretches about one hundred en twenty square miles, in metrics that would be about three hundred and ten square kilometers. When a game has that much playground you can imagine that there could be a few secrets spread around. Most of the known secrets in world of warcraft are all about helping you survive in the game but a few of the secrets are just fun. A well known secret is that outside the auction house Ironforge there is a guard who moans, “Why didn’t I take the blue potion? ” and this is of course referencing to the Matrix. There are more secrets, known and unknown, and this is the reason nine million people want to play World of warcraft almost everyday. Unfair Mario

Popular Culture reference

You can find a lot of these secrets the reference pop culture symbols like for example Star Trek, Super Mario Bros. and Star Wars. The common name in software development for these types of secrets is “Easter Eggs”. Other, more sough-after, secrets are types of strategies or hints which tell you the best way to defeat bosses or raid instances. There are a lot of people that would tell you that the “Easter Eggs” aren’t really necessary and they are right of course but this game is not only about being serious you can also have some fun. World of warcraft is designed in a way that there is time for serious game play and time for some laughter.

Some of the more serious secrets give tips on hot to beat some very nasty bosses. In this ‘genre’ of secrets you will find descriptions how you should organize a raid party to defeat a certain enemy with normal tactics where you would use a so called ‘tank’ which draws the boss’s attention and take all the damage. Another way would be to stun the boss by pulling a series of levers for 20 to 30 seconds, this way a normal tough struggle will become a very quick kill. Smaller secrets would be telling you exactly which weapons you should use against which enemy. This way you can choose from a range of weapons and know what kind of damage they will do and at the same time know which armor you will need before you confront your opponent.

All types of players can benefit from these secrets, if you are a long time veteran or a freshly logged on newbie at some point you will come across these secrets and you will use them. Even if it’s just a quick glance to see if the way you are handling things is the right approach. If not the game play secrets then at least take a look at the so called “Easter Eggs” if you have some time to spend in World of warcraft they are scattered across Azeroth and Outland.

Nine million subscribers to the game can’t be wrong and there must be something for everybody in this game. Take a look at the secrets maybe they will convince you.

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