Birthday Themes – The Best Birthday Themes For Boys and Girls

Everyone loves a good birthday, especially with a fun theme! There are many different themes for birthdays. If it’s a luau, princess, or jungle theme, friends will enjoy it all the same! Here are some cheap, yet fun ideas for an exciting and fun birthday party.


This theme works for boys AND girls!

• SET UP: Set up large canopies, according to the number of guests that you invited. Cut up exotic and tropical fruits such as: bananas, strawberries, pineapples, mangoes and kiwis, and place them all in two large bowls for people to snack on. Set up lawn chairs for guests to lounge around. Invite everyone to dress up in grass skirts, lei’s etc. Plan games such as: pin the coconut on the palm tree, scavenger hunt, and a balloon toss. No matter what the age, everyone will enjoy a good game.

• SUPPLIES NEEDED: paper, fruits, balloons, scavenger hunt list, with hidden items, grass skirts, leis jungle boys are available from any party store.


This theme is for girls!

• SET UP: Little girls love to dress up like princesses, but what they love even more is to dress up with their friends and have a princess party! Send out invitations to all of your little girls’ friends and ask them to dress up with the theme. Set up a large table with princess plates, cups, and a tablecloth. Have all of the princesses make their own tiara out of paper (or card stock). They could decorate their crown with buttons, glitter, and plastic jewels. Plan more activities, and then eat cake and ice cream!

• SUPPLIES NEEDED: invitations, paper, glue, plastic jewels, buttons, glitter, cake, ice cream, princess plates, cups, and tablecloth.


This theme is for boys!

• SET UP: Boys love a good safari! Take some paper bags, twist them up, and staple them together to make long jungle vines. With green card stock, cut out green leaves and tape or staple them on the vines. You could purchase many plastic spiders, lizards, creepy crawlies and jungle stuffed animals such as a tiger, hippo, monkey, then litter the ground with them. Have everyone hack through the jungle vines in hopes of finding a secret treasure, which could be a pinata or possibly a chest full of candy and/or toys.

• SUPPLIES NEEDED: tape or staples, safari hats, paper bags, green card stock, plastic spiders, lizards, creepy crawlies, stuffed animals, secret treasure, and candy.

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