Increase Sexual Pleasure by Using Sexual Enhancement Lubricants

Sexual pleasure has been one of man’s greatest quests. Finding a way to improve sex life has led to the development of various sexual aids and sexual supplements. This has also brought about the development of interesting inventions, many of which have helped make sex better. Some of these include sex toys such as dildos and sexual lubricants. Apart from the need to make sex better, some of these inventions were created to deal with sexual problems.

One of the major problems many couples face with sexual intercourse is unpleasant friction. This friction which causes discomfort and even pain is normally due to a lack of lubrication, especially from the female partner. Sexual advice on how to enjoy intercourse without discomfort can be had by talking to sexual enhancement specialist. They will help by explaining what may be causing the dryness or lack of moisture and how to deal with it.

The lack of moisture can be due to a number of factors, including:

o Using birth control pills
o Stress
o Age and menopause
o Illnesses

Thankfully, there are now many types of sexual enhancement lubricants that can help increase sexual pleasure. Lubricants work by making the female sexual organ moist, making movement easier and therefore increasing pleasure. There are also natural sex supplements that can be used to increase libido in both men and women. This heightened libido will translate into sexual excitement leading to an increase in moisture in the vaginal area of the female.

Types of Sexual Lubricants

There are three main types of sexual lubricants that are used to increase sexual pleasure. They are either:

o Oil-based

The most popular type of oil-based sexual lubricant is Petroleum jelly. There are a few disavantages to using oil-based lubricants , the main one being that they can damage latex used to make condoms. As such they should be used if engaging in sexual activity within a committed relationship. Lubricants that are oil-based are generally longer-lasting, however, they are also harder to clean up.

o Water-based

A big plus with water-based lubricants is that they do not damage condoms making it good for safe sex and pregnancy avoidance. An added plus with water-based lubricants is that they don’t stain. Water-based lubricants do tend to dry up so there may be a need to reapply during sexual activity.

o Silicone-based

Most lubricants of this kind are OK to be used by people with sensitive skin. One reason lovers like to use silicone-base lubricants is that they can be used in water because water does not make them less effective. This means that sexual activity can take place in the shower or bath. Sexual lubricants made from silicone are long lasting, making for longer periods of sexual activity.

As sexual enhancement products, lubricants are generally fairly inexpensive. While not generally marketed as being able to enhance lbido, some lubricants are capable of doing this. This is especially true of lubricants made from ייעוץ מיני herbs. These days many sexual enhancement products include ingredients that work to increase the libido.

Sexual lubricants also help in increasing sexual pleasure because they come in various flavors which can make licking and kissing sensational. If these lubricants are placed on an erotic zone they can add a little something extra to those special moments. Lubricants also come in different scents to heighten sexual tension and set the mood as well. For many couples who want to use lubricants for more than the norm, a talk with a sexual enhancement specialist may be just the thing.

In addition to using lubricants to enhance sex, couples should also consider a product called Firminite. This product will give the man a bigger and harder erection, something that any woman will be pleased with. Even couples with no lubrication problems can benefit greatly from using Firminite. Aside from a bigger erection, its proven energy blend allows the man to keep going all night long. Using more than one method to enhance pleasure can sometimes reap enormous benefits for a struggling relationship.

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