Some Of My Favourite Thai Movies

Watching favourite Thai movies in the target country is an excellent way to boost your studies in Thai Language and Culture. Learn Thai from a Master by downloading our Learn Thai DVD Course. Whether you are just starting your language or already in it, this course will surely be a helpful tool to help you with all aspects of learning. Find out more about this exciting program by visiting Learn Thai ดูหนังใหม่ a Master by accessing the links below.

Watch series online… When searching for a helpful resource to learn Thai from a Thai native speaker, try Find Out What’s Happening, Bangkok Edition by David Storey. This comprehensive online course offers users expert instruction in reading, writing and speaking Thai…from the TV shows that take place in Bangkok, to the most popular and happening films of the day. This DVD contains over forty full-length movies and three feature films…it only takes thirty minutes to watch one…imensa! Learn Thai from Master by David Storey includes step-by-step practice exercises and workbooks, which help students build vocabulary and verb conjugation and expand their vocabulary of over two thousand words and over two thousand sentences. The course also features a free preview of the full movie…

Watch films directed by… Pen-ek Ratanaruang (The Robot, 2021), known for his film directed by genre mastery and poetic content, is the man behind the hit series, The Robot. He is an accomplished screenwriter and director and has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director in 2021.

Watch a series of action-packed, blockbuster movies directed by… Kucherli Suresh (Miles Away, 2021), which was released in the US and UK, this action-filled, thriller series took the country by storm. It takes place in Bangkok and follows the lives of ordinary people as they try to survive the destruction and mayhem that befall upon them. The movie was a box-office hit and was made into a sequel, Miles Away: Here There and Everywhere, which starred Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman as the main characters.

Watch a film written by… Prabhas Bhargava (The Desolate Area, 2021) – this award winning science-fiction epic is the second movie written by the great Prem Sikhan (Farek Harun). The film is set in post-apocalyptic Bangkok and follows the story of a travelling robot, Pnut. The robot is on a two-way journey with his owner aboard the corporate jet. The online Thais Wikipedia YouTube video below explains more about Pnut and the journey he takes.

Bangla Desh Binti (The Private Bar) – This award winning thai movie takes place in the private bars and clubs of Bangkok. Directed by Nippon Emchaiya, the film directed by the award winning filmmaker depicted life under the iron curtain of Bangkok society. A street gang, the Shot Takers, is involved in all kinds of criminal activities and they are the primary targets of the police, the locals as well as the multinational companies operating in the city. The online THAI Wikipedia video below tells all about the movie.

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