A Course in Miracles Walking the Talk Living the Love Weekly Podcast

A Course in Miracles Walking the Talk is an audio series created by David Williams and Serena Rose. The two have been married for 14 years ¬†and have walked the aisle several times, each with their respective partners. They are not alone in acim podcast their love for walking the talk, though. They invite you to “Walk the Talk” as they share the secrets to living a life filled with love and harmony.

You may be wondering what the “C” word stands for: The “C” word is” Catalyst”. What this means is that you need to use your powers of motivation and inspiration in order to walk the talk. In fact, you are responsible for setting the pace for your relationship. If you find yourself saying, “I can’t live without my partner”, it is your responsibility to push yourself to get up and do something about it. Every little step you take will add to your success in the area of living the love.

One of the reasons that A Course in Miracles Walking the Talk is so helpful is that it is a weekly podcast. Each week, Serena and David invite the listener’s to join them in an hour-long conversation about the previous day’s episode. They encourage you to listen to the podcast and then to send them an e-mail that contains your thoughts about the episode. You can use this opportunity to express your love and commitment to your partner and let them know that you are alive and well and willing to make a difference in their life.

A course in Miracles Walking the Talk will also help you become more proactive in your life. Each week, Serena and David give you an important lesson and then they invite you to send them an e-mail describing how you felt, what you thought, or what new perspective you are adding to your life. By listening to this podcast, you are given the opportunity to add a fresh perspective to your thinking. This will enable you to see things from different perspectives and in a whole new light.

Another way that you can use this podcast to further enhance your love life is by creating your own podcast. There are many ways to approach podcast creation. You can simply download the A Course in Miracles Walking the Talk WordPress blog to your computer and start making your own show. Or, if you would rather take a more serious approach, you can purchase a professional podcast writer like Will McCaul where you can not only hire him and have him create your podcast, but also design and produce it for you as well.

If you take seriously the teachings of A Course in Miracles Walking the Talk, you will find yourself living a wonderful, meaningful, joyful life. It’s a great gift that God has given you. You can apply it to your own life by just taking the steps necessary to walk the talk. Start today by listening to A Course in Miracles Walking the Talk, and then by creating your own podcast, and then by using it to inspire others!

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